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August Wilson Center - Front & Center » Community - “Amplifying African American Voices”



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The August Wilson Center is transforming its Cafe space every Thursday this summer to present some of the most dynamic live entertainment in the Pittsburgh region and beyond. Come out every Thursday to inhale an atmosphere filled with art and exhale entertainment right after work and into the night. Free every Thursday. Cash bar and food available for purchase.

First to grace the offCenter stage, July 8th, is the critically acclaimed Pittsburgh-natives, Joy Ike and her sister Peace Ike, of The Peace Project.

Joy Ike

5:30 – 8 pmcoverart1

Joy’s fans have compared her vocally to Corinne Bailey Rae and Norah Jones, stylistically to Fiona Apple and Regina Spektor, and have said that her ambiance is much like that of India.Arie and Lizz Wright. “… a voice and talent beyond her years. The depth of subjects she tackles in her poetic lyrics are perfectly complemented by a unique blend of neo-soul, with just the right dash of pop.” - NPR

Watch Video!

The Peace Project

9 – 10:30 pmpeace-ike-pic1

The band, launched by lead singer/songwriter and keyboardist Peace Ike, came together in 2009 to create a style that has yet to make an impact on the Pittsburgh music scene.
The Peace Project combines piano with rhythmic bass, smooth sax and rocking drum beats and electric guitar to create a rhythmically driven fusion of soul/jazz/R&B/rock and funk.

Watch Video!

Want to be a perform at offCenter? Watch the video for more information or visit our site!

Deadline is July 4th so get your entries in today!

Summer Family Reading Series

Posted in Community, Education, Events, Family Friendly on June 11th, 2010 by Shaunda – Be the first to comment

So Summer is officially in full swing for most of us out there. Schools are letting out, and parents you’re once quiet afternoons are now being filled with the cheers and jeers of your kids. You’ve had the play dates, went to the Pirates game, gone to the zoo and Sand Castle, so what else can you do? Well let us help you out!

August Wilson Center for African American Culture is offering a summer reading series for the whole family to enjoy. No packing up the beach bag, no long lines, and no child leashes needed. Just come in and enjoy four great children’s books and spend some quality time with your whole family.

Here’s the 411 on the books:

Virgie Goes to School with Us Boys

Virgie Goes to School with Us Boys

By: Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard

Illustrated by: E.B. Lewis

June 12th

The youngest and only girl in a family with five boys, Virgie works hard to convince everyone she is old enough, strong enough and smart enough to attend the school set up by the Quakers for recently freed blacks in Jonesborough, Tenn. By the end of summer, she convinced her family that she can make the seven-mile walk to board at school each week and willingly handle the job of “learning to be free.” The story is a superb tribute to the author’s great aunt, the inspiration for this book. The author Elizabeth Howard leads and provides more background on her family’s story.

Who’s in Rabbit’s House?


By: Verna Aardema

Illustrated by: Leo & Diane Dillon

June 19th

A Masai folktale, presented in the form of a play, in which the frog gets the job of getting a monster out of the rabbit’s house after the leopard, elephant and rhino bungle the job. AWC bookstore staff members, Cynthia Hill and Latoya Steadman, a student from Carlow University majoring in special education lead.

The Secret Olivia Told Me


By: N. Joy

Illustrated by: Nancy Devard

June 26th

Can you keep a secret? Olivia has a secret - a BIG secret. It’s a secret that she tells only to her very best friend. And her friend promises she won’t say a word. But the secret is really BIG and really juicy. What will happen when a trusted friend slips and the secret gets out? From the AWC’s Education Department, Charlene Weaver and her grandson lead.

FREE every Saturday Noon to 1:30pm this June!

For more information, call 412.258.2700 or visit our events page!

Our Haiti: Words from Daniel Bernard Roumain

Posted in Community, Events, General, Guest Posts on January 25th, 2010 by Shaunda – Be the first to comment
Innovative composer, performer, band leader, artist Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR) is not just passionate about the music he births out of his marriage to classical, funk, hip-hop and rock music–this Haitian American violinist is passionate about the country that holds his heritage. Much of Haiti’s Port-Au-Prince has collapsed from the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that ripped through the region January 12, leaving 200,000 and counting feared to be dead. Since then, DBR, like so many others, has been working feverishly to do whatever he can to help his Haiti.

DBR and the queen of Haitian pop, Emeline Michel, wrote the following post, and wanted us to share it with you.

Our HaitiDaniel Bernard Roumain

At this moment, in this desperate hour, I am overwhelmed with grief for all of those lost, suffering, and struggling with the realities of this deepening disaster. I am not at all certain what my response should be, and I’m gripped by a feeling of helplessness.

Emeline Michel and I are determined to do all that we can for our Haitian brothers and sisters, and we’re grateful that an array of musicians and artists are joining together in a journey of hope towards Haiti’s recovery and rebirth. We are providing websites and links for you to respond immediately, and planning concerts and other special events that will be a march towards the reconstruction and resurrection of our island-nation-one that has given us so much while never asking for anything in return. We will rebuild, we must rebuild, and in doing so, we begin the process of helping and healing those who now need us the most, now, and in the coming months and years.

Nothing is as powerful as the will of a nation to survive, the strength of people to believe, and the miracle of the individual boldly acting towards world-wide change.

–Daniel Bernard Roumain and Emeline Michel

DBR at the August Wilson Center 2/6

DBR at the August Wilson Center 2/6

EDITOR’S NOTE: DBR will be in concert at the August Wilson Center 8 pm Saturday, February 6. In our response to the earthquake, $3 from every ticket sold for this concert will be donated to Brother’s Brother Foundation for Haiti relief efforts.

Also, during hours of operation, the Center is accepting brand new personal items, including baby wipes, non-liquid soap and toothpaste, among other things that Brother’s Brother send to the country.

The Center’s on Facebook - Become a Fan!

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